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Update on 'Su Dinero' and Partnership with DAI and SoukTel

MFO's partnership with DAI and SoukTel to provide free financial education services to low income people over the internet recently saw the launch of their Su Dinero site in Columbia. The site ... READ MORE

FE Blog Vol. 4: Partner Spotlight on Banca de las Oportunidades in Colombia

There are dozens of countries that are working on national financial education strategies (NFES). Microfinance Opportunities (MFO) helped to write Rwanda’s Financial Sector Development Program an... READ MORE

New Partnership for Online Financial Education

MFO is excited to announce that it has entered into a new collaboration with DAI to promote the dissemination of financial education materials through various online platforms. Our new financial ed... READ MORE

Microfinance Opportunities

Microfinance Opportunities is a global non-profit committed to understanding the financial realities of low-income households. We work with financial service providers, policy makers, telco’s, card providers, mobile money operators and other private sector organizations to connect product and service offerings to the realities of the unbanked or under-served.

MFO works to translate consumer research, market analysis and practice insights into relevant, engaging and enabling consumer-focused financial inclusion strategies, financial capability development programs, as well as financial education training materials and tools.

In the face of changing social and economic conditions, MFO is continuously innovating, creating new content that responds to an ever evolving financial services sector; as well as experimenting and trialling emerging technologies in an effort to scale the delivery of financial education more effectively.

To learn about MFO’s work on Consumer Education for Branchless Banking (CEBB) click here.

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MFO offers end to end technical assistance solutions to financial service providers, policy makers, telco’s, card providers, mobile money operators and other private sector organizations that seek to understand, educate, protect and financially empower low-income financial services consumers.

MFO is known for its delivery of practical interventions and innovative solutions, designed to support the creation and enhancement of enabling environments necessary for the development of financial capabilities and financial wellbeing of low-income consumers.

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